The Sound of Music (1965) and the Badass Nun

The Apls are beautiful and Julie Andrews has a fabulous voice, but what I really appreciated watching THE SOUND OF MUSIC again today were the nuns. Besides TROUBLE WITH ANGELS and SISTER ACT, the nun from THE SOUND OF MUSIC are pretty bad ass. . . can you call a nun bad ass?

The Catholic Church takes a pounding in so many different pop culture medias, so it was refreshing to see the Catholics portrayed as saviors, as scheming nuns who save the Van Trapp family from the Nazis. Forget whatever you hear in the news about priests, the nun are the true leaders of this age-old Christian denomination.

Honestly, who can resist smiling when the two nuns pull the Nazi spark plugs out from under their robs and say slyly, “Reverent Mother, forgive us for we have sinned”? Or, for that matter, who can resist Peggy Wood singing “Climb Every Mountain”? Sometimes the bells on campus with play the melody and, if I’m not careful, I’ll start singing along for all to hear.

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