My Day Is Like All Days, Watching “Out of Africa”

I woke up late. I spent too much money. I read 50 pages. I watched a movie. I went for a walk in the 20 degree evening air.

Today has been vastly unspectacular. A lot of my days are unspectacular.

To punish my self hating, I spent the afternoon jealous of Meryl Streep in Africa. OUT OF AFRICA (1985) is a movie I’ve known about since my youth, I even have the soundtrack in my music collection. But today was my first experience with it. Wonderful film, simply a wonderful film and deserving of its Best Picture win and the other six Academy statues.
In the film, Robert Redford I mutually hated and loved. I envy his character’s freedom and sense self, and I despise his non-commitment. I’m in rather poor spirit today, I don’t know why, and I don’t intent to explore such mental capacities online. Rather I will leave a quote to be annotated. Redford says to Streep about his leaving her so often, “It’s not meant to hurt you.” She retorts spitefully and honestly, “It still does.”

The evening holds plenty of distraction for me. I have THE STING (1973), another Redford movie, and ON THE WATER FRONT (1954) to watch. I made a slight mistake when choosing my movies for the day–Paul Newman is in THE STING and I believed him to also be in ON THE WATER FRONT. That’s Marlon Brando. I, shamefully, get them confused sometimes. Tomorrow I may sit down to watch the first and second GODFATHER just to apologize to Brando.

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