Back in Movie Mode with Peter O’Toole

My movie watching project was slacked this weekend. It took me two days to watch GONE WITH THE WIND and the rest of the weekend was spent entertaining my baby brother and staying up till 6am with good company. Yesterday I attempted to recuperate and watched 1 and a half movies: THE LAST EMPEROR (1987) and LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962). Both are based on true stories that deal with foreign countries during the two World Wars. Though they were exhaustingly long, I learned something about foreign politics I didn’t know before. Actor Peter O’Toole was in both films, a surprise coincidence. More than that, though, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Sir Alec Guinness) was in ARABIA. That made my night/morning.

Today, aside from the dishes that need to be washed and the trash that needs to be taken out because I’m apparently the only girl in my apartment who can do either, I’m going to be watching mob-movies: GODFATHER 1 (1972), GODFATHER 2 (1974) and SCARFACE (1932). By the end of the evening, I may be scratching under my chin and cocking my head to the side. If a horse head ends up in your bed, you know what you did.

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