What I Read Affects My Life

So I haven’t watched any movies today. Yesterday I muscled through BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI( 1957) and THE ENGLISH PATIENT (1996). Both films were good and, once again, I glad that I decided to follow a list instead of carelessly wandering the aisles at Family Video. If I had done the latter, I would not have watch some of the great movies I haven’t heard of. I wouldn’t have seen Alec Guinness‘ Oscar winning performance as the bridge-building English commander nor would I have seen the story-telling-talents of THE ENGLISH PATIENT.

Today I have SCHINDLER’S LIST (1993) waiting in the DVD player. Regretfully, I’ve never seen this film, and I long to see the famous scene with the red coat or cape or whatever element is highlighted in red contrast to the black and white film. Before this fabulous snow day is over, I will probably sit down to it.

What’s kept me from my movie-watching is my current book, GIANT by Edna Ferber. It’s a novel full of tough, sharp-tongued cowboys that continue to shock and disapprove of the new, Virginia born Mrs. Jordan Benedict. They had a Mexican barbecue consisting of eating cow brain out of the skull and have gone through multiple cups of coffee. In effect, what did I do today? Why, I’ve had about four cups of coffee and made Spanish rice for dinner–beef, corn, jalapenos and spicey rice. I even like the idea of a spontaneous road trip to San Antonio. I’ve always wanted to visit the Alamo.

Whatever pop culture I’m involved with affects me, really. If I’m reading English novels, I wear more dresses and crave tea like India is running out of spices. When I read my fantasy novels, I day dream more. I’m even one of those people who, when having a bad day, go to The Bible and let it fall open. The first passage always applies. Is that God speaking to me or me applying my life to what I read? Do I act different because of what I’m reading or do I enjoy what I’m reading because of my latest fad?

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