My Early Oscar Favorite: The King’s Speech

Tonight I saw the KING’S SPEECH (2010). I knew I would like it, but I wasn’t expecting to love it! I giggled through the whole thing, my movie watching companion thinking I was being insensitive to the speech struggles of Colin Firth‘s character King George VI.

The story line–excellent.

The time period–excellent.

Colin Firth, aka Mr. Darcy–excellent. Geoffrey RushHelena Bonham Carter, and Michael Gambon joined Firth in my favorite “horse” for the Oscars.

What I’m most impressed with, though, is the directing skills of Tom Hopper. The directorial decisions in this film were amazing, almost having a photographic quality to them–the lighting, reflecting off the actors’ faces and their voices echoing to emphasize. A brilliant job–deserving of all its Oscars (though I haven’t seen all the contenders yet. . .)

It’s nominated for:

Best Picture, Best Director (Hopper), Best Actor (Firth, who won the Golden Globe and the SAG Award for the same role), Best Supporting Actor (Geoffrey Rush), Best Supporting Actress (Helena Bonham Carter), Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Original Score and Best Sound Mix.

I enter a straight ballot, but I still have seven films to watch. Oh, well!

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