Winter to the Bone

As if my late night watch football and Glee did not put a slosh on my Monday morning, Ole Mother Nature had to dump a pathetic pile of mix winter weather on my poor student schedule.

This morning it rained. This afternoon it snowed. This evening it iced.

Coming out of class at 4:20 I almost slid down Western’s highest and most dramatic hill like it was a Slip and Slide. Not to mention my feet were soaked through. Once I finally got home I soaked  in hot water for half an hour, and now I feel much better. (The sweat pants and coffee help as well.)

Though today has been a struggle to get through, I have made it a productive day, which means I have the luxury to enjoy the winter weather from the warmth of my apartment without homework. My coffee, sweatpants and I are going to sit up in bed and watch WINTER’S BONE. After it, I only have BLACK SWAN left to watch from the Oscar’s Best Picture Nominations. Seriously, this is the best I’ve ever done on my Oscar watching!

WINTER’S BONE has been nominated for 4 Oscars and comes to me with the cherished recommendation of Molly McCaffrey. I don’t think the movie has a lot to do with snow and cold, but given my day I figured it was at least an appropriate title.

Keep warm!

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