Bookworms Live in the Library

Today I went to my favorite place on campus–the 8th floor of the WKU library. That is were all the literature hides. Lord Byron and Jane Austen face each other in the same aisle, and Shakespeare stands from floor to ceiling. It’s rare that I find time to go to the library because I always, and I mean always, get distracted there. I look for my favorite books and read my favorite passages. I look out the window at Bowling Green from eight stories up. Seriously, it’s the best place at school.

I’m beginning to find primary sources for my Crusade research paper. I’m writing about poetry used as propaganda to inspire The European Christians to slaughter the Muslim Turks thousands of miles away. That means I’ll be reading the French poem The Song of Roland and the Spanish poem El Cid. These particular pieces are in the foreign language section, obviously, snuggling with Don Quixote and Voltaire.

It’s not fair that my only language is English. I picked up an untranslated version of Roland and read a few stanza’s out loud. My twelve university hours of French gave me average skills in pronunciation. . . but beyond that I fail. If I could have anything in the world I would ask God for a rich husband so I can spend the rest of my life learning every language any great literature has been written in (and I would ask for the above library.)

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  1. ttpatton says:

    Good luck with that God request….I’d start building that library…and getting those language on tape thingies.

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