And “Black Swan” Marks My Oscar Finale

. . . and done.

I finally watched BLACK SWAN (2010) and was blown away. A few weeks ago I had a discussion with another theater/ballet fan about whether or not we liked the fact that an actress and not a professional ballerina was casted as Nina. I conclude, now being the one in that discussion who has actually seen the Oscar Nominated film, that Natalie Portman was the perfect choice. Put in charge of casting, I would have chosen her out of all my favorite actress. A few come to mind who could have been the part well, but damn Portman.

The film has also been described to me as a FIGHT CLUB (1999) for girls. I see the resemblance, but this was so much better. Perhaps I’m bias because I loved the dancing, but I don’t think so. Nina begins the film a little girl trapped in a woman’s body, striving to make her dreams of being a prima ballerina a reality. She concludes the film a martyr for art, for perfection. Oh, it was so good.

And this film was creepy. I covered by face several times in disbelief and then would re-situate in my chair when a twist turned the table for the fifth of sixth time.

This week I undertake the task of voting for the Oscars. I don’t think the Academy will take my thoughts into consideration, which is wise since I base my vote 85% on bias. For example, Colin Firth is going to win in my ballot because played the best Mr. Darcy in the BBc version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (1995). I’ve been in love ever since. He was pretty great in THE KING’S SPEECH (2010), not to take away from that performance. So I’m going to print off a ballot and contemplate my selections this week. I advise readers to do the same.

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