On a Personal (Positive) Note

It’s amazing how a fair day with plenty of sunshine and a new dress can just make you feel positive, about everything. Jokingly, I told my friend I was celebrating her birthday for her, when actually we’ve been celebrating her 24th since Friday.

My good mood isn’t coming from the 60s themed party, my Oscar success or all the friends I’ve gotten to spend time with over the last six days—though those things do help. Rather, my mood is cushioned by the fact that tests and papers are now done until after Spring Break, that I’m about to see my Aunt Theresa and enjoy a few-day holiday away from Kentucky, and that there is a 96 page manuscript sitting on the far end of my desk cooing at me to edit.

Editing 96 pages is daunting; it’s a bittersweet good-kind-of-scared I guess.  I’m anxious to begin, to turn off my phone, turn up the music and sit in my dimly lit room to fix. And I want to do it now! I’m just so proud of myself, and I’m not afraid of establishing that. I am damn proud of myself.

That’s all I got right now. I’m delirious happy and can’t fathom anything more interesting than this to talk about. I’ve started tackling a new movie list, the American Film Institute 100 Greatest Movies, and am now caught up on my goal—61 movies for the 61 days we’ve had of 2011. I think next I’ll dedicate a post to Humphrey Bogart since he’s in three or four of the first 25 greatest films.

I’ve also started shopping for graduation announcements. I think I’ll gather ideas and send it TT Patton’s way.

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