Happy First Friday!

I woke up and enjoyed three hours on the computer with Maggie laying on my feet and a large, warm cup of coffee on hand. After class, I took a light picnic lunch three lovely friends, two entertaining kids, and two adorable dogs. This afternoon I have pampered myself with a shower and all the time consuming things that make being a girl so difficult, yet so much fun when you have the time—nails, lotion, hair, make up. And this evening I’m making dinner and partaking in a bottle of wine.

Do I sound boring enough for you? Does this first Friday of April—really wish I was in Barrington to celebrate with two other lovely friends—sound exciting enough for TGIF?

Well, to compensate for my uber girliness, I’m watching PATTON (1970). I love World War 2 movies!

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  1. ttpatton says:

    You’re watching World War II movies?….Jesse would be proud…But you actually missed FF, it was the First! you were in our thoughts though…

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