A Royally Good Day

I’m so stressed about the papers and exams that I have crammed into the next two weeks that I literally chewed off a fingernail. But all that had to be put aside for the event I’ve had on my iCalendar since Thanksgiving—the Royal Wedding.

After defending my undergraduate honors capstone thesis this afternoon—lets just say I’m flattered by the compliments, but a bit frustrated with the added work of revision shoveled onto my already overflowing plate—I had a few drinks and sat down to chiseled away at my to-do-list. That, well, did not happen. Internally I was bothered by my anxiety and my excitement for the up and coming coverage of British history.

Jane Austen and Harry Potter—appropriate to name them together?—are just two of the many reasons I’ve been fascinated with British history all my life. At nine years old, I even remember the death of Princess Dianna and watching the impact it had on my mother, that cute Prince Harry, and England as a country. Oh, I don’t know the productive purpose of the monarch in England, but I don’t want to see it go. The idea of British gentlemen in military uniform, the nationality, and the traditions—I absolutely loved watching the Royal Wedding of Prince William, even more so that he was marrying educated, confident, and commoner Kate Middleton.

So it’s nearly eight. I’ve been awake for . . . a long time, and that to-do-list is still there. But Heather and I drank champagne everything we vocally expressed “aw,” and we made a big breakfast just we were up with enough time to do so. It’s a good start to a day—a Royal Day!—and, after a quick nap, I plan on being productive, perhaps even finding out the purpose of the Royal Family so I can defend them on Twitter.

And, as if I needed more reason I like the new Princess Kate, her dress resembled Grace Kelly’s wedding dress from 1956. So classy.

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