In Etown after a long week

There really isn’t much to do in E’town, but I wouldn’t trade the homegrown stock for anything. Out and about Saturday night was one of the best times I’ve had in awhile, and there is some pretty stiff competition. Even though I was in Bowling Green, I ran into a bunch of “those E’town kids.” Laughing and catching up over the loud music others were “romping” to, I realized that I wouldn’t be running into high school friends at the bars anymore and that a bad week couldn’t be solved with a night out with my best girls. From now on, at least for the next few months, it’ll be strange towns and new people.

But I guess that’s all right. Cary Grant movies—like the one I’m watching now—western novels, and a call for a familiar voice will always be close at hand. I wouldn’t trade my pictures or my friends for the world—though I might consider it to find a new car.

Today has been a long of car shopping—Do I get a loan and buy a new one? Do I lease a car for 12,000 miles for 3 years? Do I risk a used car? It’s all very frustrating, and Staples just doesn’t have an “Easy Button” for it. In just under two weeks I’ll be scooting north in a presently unknown vehicle to a place where my number of acquaintances decreases tenfold. Last summer was exciting because I didn’t really know what I was getting into with my Chicago-area internship. Now it’s almost like a second home, and I’m caught thinking about what I’m leaving rather than where I’m going.

But, in the words of the radio “Here’s to the nights we felt alive” and “Fill up my cup, Mozoltov.”

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