11 suggestions for Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is bustling. It’s a clean, walled-city with colorful buildings that carries an air of Havana, but without the broken streets, the trash and the old cars. There is good food and good smells at every turn with several diverting things to see and do nearby. I enjoyed Cartagena; being there made me feel romantic in the way Europe makes me feel.

1. stay near the walled city

I stayed in El Viajero Hostel, which was an amazing hostel with free breakfast, free social events in the evening and which catered to travel plans. Living in and walking around the narrow streets and colored buildings was so fun! The airport is verily close to Centro; the cab ride was less than 20,000 pesos (like $10 USD).

cartagena colombia Centro Cartagena

2. go on a free walking tour

When I first got to Cartagena, I was so impressed with the views, the colorful buildings and the layout of the city within the Spanish walls, but I really didn’t know anything about the history of the place. So, my first order of business my first morning in Cartagena was to go on the free waking tour of Cartagena.

3. visit museo del cacao

In case you don’t speak Spangish, Museo Del Cacao means Chocolate Museum. I didn’t go to the actual museum, didn’t have enough time. But I did make it to the gift shop where I was given the grand tour–and a ton of samples–of chocolate. Chocolate bars, chocolate candies, chocolate coffee, chocolate lotion, chocolate alcohol… you get the picture. I cleaned up with gift with my family.

4. mud-bath at el volcan del totumo

I didn’t manage to get to el volcan del Totumo for the mud baths. But I’m told it’s fantastic… and it’s one of my sore regrets of Colombia. There are plenty of tours that you can book to go there. It was recommended to me to take the cab there first thing in the morning and enjoy the mud baths before the tour groups get there.

5. explore nearby beaches

There isn’t a beach near the walled city, but several places (including  El Viajero) help you book transport to and from the nearby beaches

isla grande for scuba diving in colombia

Isla Grande for scuba diving certification

6. scuba dive

I went to Colombia and got my open water certification with Dive Planet. My friends did a discovery dive. They manage transport to and from Isla Grande, about an hour by boat off Cartagena. The reef was beautiful and spending time on the island was so fun, an added side of Cartagena.

7. eat at la cevicheria

La Cevicheria has very good ceviche connected to Anthony Bourdain. There was a pretty long wait, but another added benefit of traveling alone–ease of squeezing in at the bar for immediate seating.

8. drool over steaks at quebacha

Quebacha is where I had a delicious Argentinian steaks. Seriously. I haven’t been to Argentina, and eating here just bumped that destination up on my list.

9. be a kid at la poletteria

La Poletteria for artisan popsicles. Yum!

colored buildings in cartagena colombia

The colored buildings in Cartagena are gorgeous!

10. laugh at the “koffee gallery bar”

Get it? KGB?  They have all these Soviet decorations in Colombia and that’s not random at all. sarcasm

11. work from or simply enjoy epoca coffee shop

I loved working at Epoca. The staff was so friendly, the coffee so fine and space so comfortable.

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