13 fantastic things to do in Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the U.S.. Though its age is dwarfed by those in Europe, Boston still has a European flavor to it–from the old churches to the stone streets the hide amongst the metropolitan growth. Boston has been a main character in building American, hosting revolution and policy and independent thinkers since before America was its own. It is a fantastic city. Whether I’m visiting for a day or for longer, I always find something to enjoy.

1. red sox game at fenway

I feel obligated to list the Boston Red Sox as number one on this list because they are a fan-favorite in my family. I’m a Cubs fan, but everyone else loves their Sox and often obsess over their wins, losses and general existence. Fenway Park is a classic ball pack.

If seeing the Red Sox play is high on your list, I highly recommend staying at the The Verb hotel. They have turntables in the rooms and a record collection in the lobby; you can take whatever vinyl you want to enjoy in your rooms. Not the mention the hotel backs up to Fenway Park. It required very little effort to walk around the corner and go to a Red Sox game.

If you are around Fenway during a game (and don’t have a ticket) walk around to Bleacher Bar. It’s awesome, and that’s coming from a non-Red Sox fan. It’s a bar inside the Green Monster and you can even watch the game at “sea-level” from the outfield.

fenway park in bost

Fenway Park in Boston

2. easy around the city and the northest

The public transit around Boston is really easy; a lot of people in Boston use it and you should too. Here the the MBTA website.

I (and others I have talked to) have used the bus or train systems in Boston to visit other areas in the northeast–New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, etc. The best method I have found to navigate this travel is the website Rome2Rio.com; it shows you all your options and breaks them down by price and travel time.

3. the freedom trail

The Freedom Trail is a path throughout the Boston area that takes one pass historic landmarks. When you download the Freedom Trail app, you can read about the locations as you pass them.

freedom trail in boston

The Freedom Trail in Boston

4. the “goodwill hunting” bench

Boston Commons in a beautiful public park. Walking around the gardens is enjoyable enough. If you need a reason for visiting the park, try to find Robin Williams’ bench from “Goodwill Hunting.”

5. the mapparium

Venture to The Mary Bakery Reddy Library to see the amazing Mapparium!

The Mary Bakery Reddy Library to see the amazing Mapparium!

Photo from The Mary Bakery Reddy Library

6. Sam Adams Brewery Tour

I think Sam Adams has become a Boston staple. It’s a great tour about the brewing process and the Sam Adams brand. And plan to go to Doyle’s Cafe after your tour. Take your tour ticket, order a beer and you get to take your glass home for free!

sam adam brewery

Sam Adam Brewery

7. acorn street

Acorn Street is a little adorable, stone street walking distance from Boston Commons. It’s one of the most photographed parts of the city.

acorn street boston

8. mike’s pastery

It’s touristy and everyone will tell you so, but just go once and get a cannoli and post about it on Instagram.

Example for your Instagram.

Example for your Instagram.

9. union oyster house

Union Oyster House is one of the oldest restuarants in Boston. It’s delicious and they have their own style of Sam Adams that you can only get at Union Oyster House.

10. yvonne’s

Yvonne’s is a speak-easy bar and restaurant with a library and some hipster art. I love the vibe of this place.

11. liberty hotel

The Liberty Hotel is pretty cool! The rotunda is a popular place to go for a drink which multiple options available. Though be aware that Boston has an early-to-bed night life.

The hotel use to be the Charles Street. Jail or the Suffolk County Jail.  Malcom X and arrest suffragists are among the jail previous previous visitors.

12. bostonian

I asked the internet where to get a good lobster roll and the Internet delivered Bostonian. I was not disappointed.

13. the boston public library

This dreamy library is the most beautiful library I’ve seen in the US. Beauty aside, it has great wifi and you don’t need to do anything special to use the space; just show up and be quiet (it’s a library).

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