gift ideas for travelers

Holiday gifts ideas for travelers

If there is a traveler on your shopping list, please don’t get them a travel scratch off map. Trust me, you like it more than they will. The best gift for a savvy traveler is something that enhances the trip and makes it easier. Basically, it meets three criteria: it’s stylish, it’s easy to pack and it’s comfortable.

This is a list of things I want, I have or I genuinely suggest to other people. I’m not important enough (at this time) to have any sponsorships or attract any branding, so none of the items below were put on my list for any reason other than the fact that I like them.

Best Gift Ever venn diagram

accessorizing the luggage


A passport cover is not feminine nonsense despite how cute they are getting. It’s important to protect the government booklet. If a passport is beaten up, officials won’t accept it and it will have to be replaced. A traveler will want something durable and something that makes it easy to remove the passport; customs often requires passport covers to be removed.

SanSiDo Leather Passport Cover an Travel Wallet

SanSiDo Leather Passport Cover an Travel Wallet, below. 


Airlines make travelers mark luggage anyway, so we might as well do it in style. Between personalization and clever quotes, super heroes and fine leather quality, there are plenty of options to choose from.


Packing is the nightmare of travel, whether it’s a weekend get-away or a nine-month sabbatical. What makes packing a fraction easier is organization. When it comes to keeping my bag neat and limiting the things I allow myself to pack, packing cubes meet the bill.


AmazonBasics 4-Piece Packing Cube Set - Medium

Amazon Basic 4-piece packing cube set.


Airlines will get you, gurl. I once put on a few extra layers and carried my shoes in my carry-on to save myself from paying extra for the weight of my suitcase. As if that isn’t bad enough, not finding out that your bag is overweight until you get to the counter is an anxiety trigger. So, head off the stress and give your traveler a handy luggage scale.

Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Digital hanging luggage scale.

travel comfortably


I swear by my eye mask for solid sleep anywhere. I have successfully slept on planes, trains, boats, floors and hostels thanks to an eye mask

breakfast at Tiffanys eye mask

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sleep eye mask.


Ear plugs annoy me more than they help, but to each their own.

breakfast at Tiffanys ear plugs

Fun earplugs inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 


On long haul trips, it makes a difference having neck support. There are several options here from inflatable scarfs to jackets that have neck pillows built in.


Not only does Spotify Premium save you from ad-interruptis, but a premium account allows listeners to download albums and playlist to listen to offline.


A good pair of noise canceling, cordless headphones aren’t the most easy-to-pack items, but they meet the style and the comfort requirements.

look good on the move


On long-haul flights, keeping skin moisturized makes a world of difference to a traveler. You might look like a dweeb wearing one of these masks… but if you’re a dweeb, I’m a dweeb.  
Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask

Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask


A travel scarf with a secret hiding place is perfect for a walking down the street to get coffee, keeping travel documents handy when going through an airport or securing valuables while abroad. travel scarf

Infinity scarf wrap scarf with zipper pocket


This gem is on my list for Santa. It’s like Inspector Gadget made an article of clothing that only did useful things. There are dozens of jackets like this one out there.

BauBax Women's Bomber travel jacket

BauBax Women's Bomber


Does anyone else take out their phone to check the time, spend 20 minutes on Instagram before remembering that they just wanted to check the time? Once I started wearing a watch, I was able to better curb my Millennial quirks and be present. I prefer Swatch because it’s simple, it’s water-resistant and has some with great customer service.

Swatch watch is a great travel gift

Swatch Watch


These Matador products roll up for easy packing–a bag that can be easily packed inside a bag.

Matador Beast28 Packable Technical Backpack

Matador Beast28 Packable Technical Backpack

documenting the adventure


These little babies are also on my Christmas list. They come in sets or individuals and turn your smart phone into something higher quality. I take most of my picture from my phone, so something like this would be a perfect addition to my pack.

pixter lens for smart phone

Pixter lens


I know there is a bad reputation surrounding selfie sticks. It’s lame and vain and blah blah blah. But a selfie stick is a fun addition to any trip, whether you are traveling alone or in a group. It’s also something people might not buy for themselves, making it a great gift!

staying charged


Spending a day on a tour or leaving for the day before my phone is at 100% is no problem with an external charger.

Apple Lightning Portable Power Bank,

Apple Lightning Portable Power Bank.


It’s not only your tech that needs to recharge. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to skip your practice. I still cart around my full-size, cushy mat with me, but there are other options for those more sensible than I am. (I also refuse to buy an e-reader and travel with a small library, so don’t try to be like me… I don’t always make the greatest decisions.)

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat 

for the thrifty traveler


When staying in a hostel, lockers are commonly provided for guests to lock of their valuables. I have three locker-locks with me at all times.


Travel towels are not the most luscious things in the world, but they are amazing. They absorb tons of water and can be wrung out to almost dry. They are light and compact, making them perfect for travel.  I got mine because I hate hostel towels, but this is also a great option for a trip to the beach, saving space in luggage that thicker beach towels take up.


When you are traveling for a long time or packing light, cleaning clothes becomes a little bit of a situation. These great folding hanger and hanger clips are perfect for drying clothing travel may have to sink-wash.

Portable Folding Clothes Hangers

Portable folding clothes hangers


The easiest way to slim-down a travel budget is to be smarter about when and where you eat. If you can pack snacks for the airport or make sandwiches for lunch, the ability to spend on a meal you really want rather than spending money on so-so food just because you’re hungry. Another great solution for sealing food for travel are reusable food wraps made from bees wax

Bento lunch box with removable containers.

Bento lunch box with removable containers.


This little device looks amazing! Instead of having to buy expensive coffee (twice, sometimes three times, a day) I could brew my own pour over coffee! I have high hopes for this little gem. It would be great in a shitty hostel or hotel, and great for camping, tailgating or even an office.

Pour-over coffee maker

Pour-over coffee maker


Whether your traveler in a city-walker or a mountain-climber, water is important and can be expensive.

que Collapsible Water Bottle

Que collapsible water bottle

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