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About Molly Koeneman

the woman

I was Tennessee born, Kentucky raised, Chicago aged, and now I’m traveling the world without a true sense of direction, purpose or desire to stop.

In 2006, I was 17, and I traveled to France, Italy and Malta with the People 2 People ambassador group. At the time, I felt grown and adventurous, but then my passport went unused for nearly ten years! During my graduate studies at DePaul University in Chicago, I traveled to Munich and Berlin for a sustainable business class.

And that was kind of that.

When I came home to my Chicago life–my beautiful friends, the little studio apartment that was all my own, and a job in my ideal industry (publishing)–I started to wonder if this was the life I wanted or the life others wanted for me. It was unsettling.

So I made some changes.

the myth

At the time, the decisions I made seemed logical and easy. In retrospect, I can’t believe they worked out so well, and I can’t believe that I was actually brave/ ballsy/ strong enough to make them.

I convinced my company that I could do my job remotely, I gave up my perfect studio apartment in Chicago, I moved everything I owned into my parents’ Kentucky home, and I started planning trips around the world. At the time of writing this I have traveled to Germany, Brazil, Greece, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Iceland, France, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Australia and Peru (updated April 2018).

For a full list of where I’ve gone, see the list of where I’ve been.

the legend

My life is amazing.

I can think that, but you can’t.

My life is hard.  It’s a lot of planning; it’s missing family and working odd-hours; it’s getting diarrhea in Colombia and having my phone stolen in Rio; it’s getting hit by a car and missing flights; it’s being 29-years-old and knowing that the fact that I’m sleeping in a hostel bunkbed is both the reason and the consequence for not having a partner.

Basically, it’s absolutely hell on my un-diagnosed anxiety disorder.

How could you know these things to understand them? I try not to complain. I also try not to brag. Somewhere between the complaining and the bragging is where I live, and I need to actively try to exploit that, to share that, to write that.

So, that’s this blog.


Hopefully I can create a schedule and a safe-space for my aggressive thoughts, so I post all the things I’m already writing .

To everyone who has ever asked me, “Do you have a blog?” “Why don’t you blog?” “Have you ever had a blog?” “What happened to that blog?” This is that blog. Ya happy?

*That came out a bit more aggressive than intended, but I’ve decided not to censure my thoughts. Therefore, it stays with this asterisk of excuse.