About Molly Koeneman

the woman

I was Tennessee born, Kentucky raised, Chicago aged, and now I’m traveling the world without a true sense of direction, purpose or desire to stop.

In 2006, I was 17, and I traveled to France, Italy and Malta with the People 2 People ambassador group. At the time, I felt grown and adventurous, but then my passport went unused for nearly ten years! During my graduate studies at DePaul University in Chicago, I traveled to Munich and Berlin for a sustainable business class.

And that was kind of that.

When I came home to my Chicago life–my beautiful friends, the little studio apartment that was all my own, and a job in my ideal industry (publishing)–I started to wonder if this was the life I wanted or the life others wanted for me. It was unsettling.

So I made some changes.

the myth

At the time, the decisions I made seemed logical and easy. In retrospect, I can’t believe they worked out so well, and I can’t believe that I was actually brave/ ballsy/ strong enough to make them.

I convinced my company that I could do my job remotely, I gave up my perfect studio apartment in Chicago, I moved everything I owned into my parents’ Kentucky home, and I started planning trips around the world. At the time of writing this I have traveled to Germany, Brazil, Greece, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Iceland, France, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Peru, Morocco, Prague, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia (updated April 2019).

the legend

My life is amazing.

I can think that, but you can’t.

My life is hard.  It’s a lot of planning; missing family and working odd-hours; getting diarrhea in Colombia and having my phone stolen in Rio; getting hit by a car and missing flights; being 29-years-old and knowing that the fact that I’m sleeping in a hostel bunkbed is both the reason and the consequence for not having a partner.

Basically, it’s absolutely hell on my un-diagnosed anxiety disorder.

But I’m trying for the life I want, and I’ll try until it kills me.