Book Writer


I have two book to query, the first is an essay collection covering the three months I spent in Morocco the fall of 2018. This collection is still in second draft; one more round of revisions followed by beta readers are next.

The second book, what I’m considering my On the Road collection, is being drafted. I have fourteen essays outlined.

Travel Memoir about Morocco

I spent threes months falling in love in Morocco. I had great experiences, great food and even met a handsome stranger. These essays surmount to a love story, one in which the girl gets the life she was already living. 

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American Road Trip Memoir

When you spend 30 days in an SUV, mostly by yourself driving, you have a lot of time to think–I thought a lot about the road trip I’d taken 11 years earlier with my mother, my auntie and my grandparents; and I thought about my life and how desperate I was to find a purpose for it. You also have a lot of time to admire how beautiful the world is. 

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