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Molly Koeneman is the author of travel essays that pack readers into her carry-on as she travels the world, mostly alone and mostly without a clue what she’s going to do next. Since 2015, she has traveled to +25 countries across six continents while working Chicago office hours. The trending term is “Digital Nomad.” She’s gone scuba diving with hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos, followed the 2019 Women’s World Cup around France, took a university-level literature class in Athens, learned to surf in Morocco, and hiked the Inca Trail; she’s traveled with best friends and has made new best friends; she’s fallen in love with places, faces and herself.

When not traveling, stalking her own Instagram feed, or writing, Molly practices yoga, meditation, and pie-making. She reviews books on Goodreads and Amazon.

Books for Query

I have two books to query, the first is an essay collection covering the three months I spent in Morocco in the fall of 2018. This collection is still in the second draft; one more round of revisions followed by beta readers are next. 

The second book, what I’m considering my On the Road collection, is being drafted. I have fourteen essays outlined.

Travel Memoir about Morocco

I spent threes months falling in love in Morocco. I had great experiences, great food, and even met a handsome stranger. These essays surmount to a love story, one in which the girl gets the life she was already living. 

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American Road Trip Memoir

When you spend 30 days in an SUV, mostly by yourself driving, you have a lot of time to think–I thought a lot about the road trip I’d taken 11 years earlier with my mother, my auntie, and my grandparents; and I thought about my life and how desperate I was to find a purpose for it. You also have a lot of time to admire how beautiful the world is. 

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List of Published Work


  • Outstanding Literature Major, March 2011
  • First Place in the Jim Wayne Miller Fiction Writing Contest, October 2010

Full Resume

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