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Welcome to my blog! I have half-heartedly tried to be a travel blogger in years past, but it is just not the medium that inspires me. I much prefer longer, whiner, more poetic formats. I’ve purchased a type-writer during COVID lock-down and have twisted at least two friendships into pen-pals.

If you want to be my pen-pal, message me your address!

Where in the World?

I am currently in Chicago. When COVID lockdown started worldwide in March 2020, I was on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos and I stayed there with a local family (and new friends) until August. Once I was able to safely travel back to the U.S., I moved in with my bestie in Chicago and I’ve been squatting there ever since.

Where next? I’d like to get to the West Coast to visit my family in San Francisco and Portland; to get to London to start the Scotland road trip I had been planning for summer 2020; to see my cousin in Germany! But for right now, I’m satisfied to squat in Chicago, staying healthy and keeping all the people I love safe.

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