the pithy reviewer


Even before I could read, I carried around books. There is something so esthetically pleasing about bound pages and they enchanted me.

When I spent five years traveling, living for months on the supplies that fit in a carry-on sized backpack, I still bought and carried around book-books! It’s endearing joke about which my loved one bristle me; wanting to have book-books is probably my most prima donna insistence.

The COVID lock down just fueled my passion for reading. I have been reading two or three books a week–big, sexy, books! And since the first lock downs, I’ve joined four, virtual book clubs that each meet once a month. When so much was taken from life, books and the conversations I’ve had surrounding books filled the void.

Follow my adventure in reading on Goodreads and Amazon. My goal for March 2021 is to post 300 reviews on my Goodreads.

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