How do I define myself for you?

I am a writer by heart, a digital marketing, analytics and SEO expert by trade. Between 2015 and 2020, I was a digital nomad, traveling for months on end around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic restricted my ability and my desire to travel as I had been, so I’ve been focusing that time on other things, namely my writing. I’ve also leaned into my desire to learn and do new things, like studying Spanish, making homemade pie crusts, taking an intuitive tarot course online and starting to review the many books I reads.

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Travel Memoir about Morocco

I spent threes months falling in love in Morocco. I had great experiences, great food and even met a handsome stranger. These essays surmount to a love story, one in which the girl gets the life she was already living. 

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American Road Trip Memoir

When you spend 30 days in an SUV, mostly by yourself driving, you have a lot of time to think–I thought a lot about the road trip I’d taken 11 years earlier with my mother, my auntie and my grandparents; and I thought about my life and how desperate I was to find a purpose for it. You also have a lot of time to admire how beautiful the world is. 

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Experience in Digital Marketing


I have +6 years of experience with SEO, consulting several companies across very different fields.

Copy Writing

Producing website content is a new adventure for me, one I’m meeting with excited response.


I have the most experience in analytics and believe it to be the bed rock of any online strategy.


Putting together all the moving pieces of a website experience culminates into a digital marketing strategy. 

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Photo Credit: Jessica Liana genitophoto.com
Photo Credit: Jessica Liana genitophoto.com