Molly Koeneman

Molly Koeneman writes essays and stories based on her years and experience traveling the world. Since 2015, she has traveled to +25 countries across six continents while working Chicago office hours. The trending term is “Digital Nomad.” She’s gone scuba diving with hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos, followed the 2019 Women’s World Cup around France, took a university-level literature class in Athens, learned to surf in Morocco, and hiked the Inca Trail; she’s traveled with best friends and has made new best friends; she’s fallen in love with places, faces and herself. 

Book Reviews

Even before she could read, she carried around books. There is something so esthetically pleasing about bound pages. When Molly spent months at a time living out of a carry-on-sized backpack, she still bought and carried around book-books! It’s an endearing joke about which loved ones tease her; wanting to have book-books is probably her most prima donna insistence.

Molly reviews books on Goodreads and Amazon. Send her something to read–your favorite book or something you’ve written.

Digital Media

Molly has been working in newspaper and magazine publishing since she was seventeen, moving from an after-school program at her local paper in Kentucky, to a copy editing desk at her college paper, to the online needs of small, Chicago-based B2B magazines. On the side, she helps companies from around the world with their digital needs. She specializes in SEO, copywriting, reporting and analytics, and overall digital strategy. 

Take a look at her resume to see all the amazing companies and websites she has worked on. Email Molly if you want to talk about your digital marketing needs.

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Tarot Reading

What started as a pandemic hobby has turned into a meaningful part of Molly’s meditation practice. Don’t get distracted by the hippy-dippiness of the craft; Tarot is a kind of Rasch that invites you to see symbolism and themes in your life. Wanna do a reading?

Yoga & Breathwork

After struggling with anxiety and stress for most of her life, Molly turned to a morning practice of yoga and meditation. This led to raki sessions, massages, chiropractic adjusts, long walks, breathwork and so many other self-care rituals. Now she feels less anxious and physically more comfortable in her body.

Life goal: complete 200 hr yoga teacher training.


In 2006, Molly studied abroad with the People2People ambassador program to France, Italy, and Malta. She promised herself she’s travel for the rest of her life…

But she didn’t leave the U.S. again until 2015 when she went on a week-long seminar in Germany with her graduate class. A few months later, she transitioned from her desk job to a remote job and spent the next five years traveling. She lived in different countries and worked Chicago office hours.

She’s still traveling, dividing her time between Chicago in the U.S. and Bath in England with excursions in-between.

Scuba Diving 

Molly got her Open Water certification in Colombia in 2015 and her Advanced Open Water certification in Thailand in 2019. 

Life goals:

  • Get Rescue Diver certification
  • Get Open Water certification in freediving
  • Swim with a whale shark