On the Job

It’s like riding a bike, really. I hadn’t even put my lunch in the mini-frig yet (or switched out of my flip flops into my big girl shoes) when a very excited gentleman came in with his brand new pen. It’s been nine months since I’ve worked the store front of TT Patton, a fine writing and stationery store in downtown Barrington, and I hadn’t even gotten a second to get my footing before Mr. Dude was asking me questions. I told him it was my first day back and that he needed to be patient with me. Thank the higher power he didn’t want to buy or order anything; he wanted help loading his new Boston Red Sox fountain pen. The fountain pens I own are the college-priced disposable ones, and I was scared to death I might break or crack this guys new pen—not to mention incite my father and brother to come 400 miles to punish me for damaging anything with the Red Sox logo. I gave the pen my attention and in ten minutes I had successfully made a new Barrington friend—his new pen was loaded and taken care of and the customer had a earful of other products with which he could pair his new pen. It was like riding a bike.

Theresa was here with me this morning, arriving moments after my new friend and first summer success left, to reintroduce me to the computer system. I’m hoping for a slow day so I can memorize prices and brands and whatnot. My luck though, the graduation season will nip everyone in the bud, and I’ll be up to my eyeballs in questions and notes for T when she gets back on Monday. She knows she was leaving a rookie in her store, and I guess I gotta trust that she trusts me.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a good summer. The weather in Chicago Land is beautiful and sunny, and the faces are familiar and friendly. Three people have already said to me, “Welcome Home.” My Mother, when she reads this, will roll her eyes and pout a little bit, but being back in Barrington kind of feels like a homecoming. If only all the familiar and friendly faces could be here then life would be perfect.

P.S. To Theresa, I’ve had several other successes today.

Watch the movie starring my kids from last summer! I’m excited to get Write Under the Stairs (get it? the classroom is right under the stairs and we’re writing. . .) on June 20th!

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