Can I Pull Off Saying, “Gangsta?”

Let me tell the world wide web something about being an English Major: WE write a lot of papers. Crazy, right? Well, since I got back to school Sunday, up until about 15 minutes, I’ve been working on a 6-page paper about British Romantics and and an 8-page paper about the First Crusade, both due today! Because I was being a good student and dedicating my last semester to my best work possible, I haven’t watched any movies!!

Well, that’s a fib. I watched one last night. But, I hadn’t watched one before that since Sunday. Anyone proud of me?

I watched AMERICAN GANGSTER (2007), and since the friend I watched it with asked me several times how I liked his favorite movie, I’ve accumulated a few things to say about it.

First of all, I do love me some acting talents of Mr. Denzel Washington. He did a great job in his mafia-role. The camera shots were great, the story-line was smooth and straight forward, making every scene important to character development and plot. Hollywood can’t really ask for anything more than that (though, apparently the Academy can–only two Oscar nods and no wins). And I did love the epic arrest. Denzel walks out of church, gospel songs dominating the speakers, and the movie set clear of all extras so Denzel stands alone looking down at Russell Crowe, knowing he just got caught.

The most outstanding concept in the film is Crowe’s morality. Is there anyone in the world that immune to the evils and inevitabilities of the world? Watching the film, I was rooting for him, supporting his hard-to-like character as he faced a city plagued by bad cops and corrupted politicians. But, after some consideration, I’m curious as to whether my own resolve is as strong?

Really, the movie isn’t about drug–though I did learn a lot about drugs I didn’t know before–but about power systems. Denzel organized a street more efficient and more rulely than officials of New York. Perhaps both spheres cannot be efficient at the same time, especially when Denzel’s idea of justice is shooting a man in the head in the middle of a crowded street. . .

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m loving your blog….and missing you.

    p.s. Check out Adele’s new album ’21’ It gets you right here. 🙂

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